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For more than a decade, Coastal Transportation, LLC, headquartered in Savannah, GA has specialized in trucking foods, pharmaceuticals, and other products that require temperature-controlled transport. We operate with urgency in order to deliver your goods quickly & maintain quality, and we use the knowledge that comes with years of experience trucking reefer loads to guarantee the protection of your refrigerated freight. 

We are transportation professionals

Our mandate is to give you our maximum effort to provide the best possible results. Customer service is paramount at Coastal Transportation. On top of excellent performance we pride ourselves in always being available, helpful, and honest. Consider Coastal Transportation as your only Full Service Transportation Specialist.

North Carolina

Years of Experience

Reliable and Trusted Service

Coastal Transportation, LLC is a bonded carrier specializing in overweight and refrigerated loads. We are focused, quick, safe, reliable and economical. Our customers enjoy working with our knowledgeable and experienced team of dispatchers and drivers. Our fleet of trucks are fully equipped and permitted to haul your overweight cargo legally and safely. 

Convenient Location

Coastal Transportation, LLC is headquartered near the Port of Savannah, in Savannah, GA. Our facilities are conveniently located just 3 miles from GPA Gate 1. We are 1 mile from Interstate 95, and 9 miles from Interstate 16. Our close proximity to the port enables us to access cargo faster, increasing efficiency, fuel, labor and time.

Every Load is Treated Equally

At Coastal Transportation, LLC we understand that your business requires the very best with meticulous attention to detail from start to finish. We are a team of dedicated transportation professionals with a broad scope of experience. Our mandate is to put forth the maximum effort to getting your load delivered quickly, safely, & efficiently, each & every time.

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